About Sree Guru Sankannaryashrama Trust and Dattatreya Temple

Sri Dattatreya Temple Located at No.59, 3rd Block, Thyagaraja Nagar Bangalore-28 and was established in 1944 by Sri Sri Sri Guru Sankannarya and is managed by Trustees of Sree Guru Sankannaryashrama Trust.

Sri Guru Sankannarya was known as Kunigal Puttanna and was commonly referred to as ‘Thatha’ by his followers. He was born in 1855 in Kengeri, in the city of Bangalore

He had completed his matriculation and in his earlier days, was assisting his father in the Registrar’s office as a Document writer. Lateron he was absorved as a full time worker at the Sub-registrar office. He was very much interested in Veda-Vedanga and the Upanishads and concentrated in the above subjects. when he was serving in Kunigal at Sub-registrar office, One (Guruji) Saint by name Sri Yogananda came in search of his successor and came across Kunigal Puttanna. The great Saint questioned Kunigal Puttanna about various subjects what he has learned, to know about his knowledge, then finally great Saint was satisfied with his knowledge and taught him the lesson what he has learned. Thus he made Kunigal Puttanna as a Saint and named him as Chidananda and by this, he made him as one of the follower of Dattatreya in southern side of Karnataka. He advised Kungal Puttana that day he will come and advice him to learn full knowledge through him. Accordingly after laps of many years, Sri Yogananda given signal to Kunigal Puttanna to meet Sri. Shankarananda was known to Puttanna earlier during their discussion about Veda-Vedanga and Upanishads. Thus Kunigal Puttanna Knowledge was completed through Shankarananda was also follower of Dattatreya. He thus went on to establish the Lord Dattatreya Temple in Thyagaraja Nagar, Bangalore in 1944 as per the advice of his guruji.

As per advice of his Guriji Sankannarya establish ashrama and Dattatreya Temple in the premises no.59, 3rd Block, Thyagaraja Nagar, Bangalore-28

Sree Guru Sankannarya was a learned person but did not take up Sanyas. He was imparting his knowledge of the known disciples. During the Bhoomipuja of Dattatreya Temple, one Saint from Shankar Mutt came in search of Kunigal Puttanna. He had a long discussion with him and before departing, gave Sanyasa Dheeksha to Kunigal Puttanna.

Sri Guru Sankannarya attained Samadhi on Vijayadashmi day in 1946. His disciples were spread all over the country and with the blessings of Dattatreya, many of these disciples are in top positions today. The number of his followers has increased manifold over time.

View of the Gopuram and Temple Entrance
Nov 2011